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December 5th, 2006

05:44 pm - Championship DVDs
As of December 5, USSBA has shipped the Hillsborough High School Marching Band Championship DVDs!  YEA says to allow 7-10 days for the DVDs to arrive.  This is mainly for orders placed before November 11, but it may include our National Championship DVDs as well. 

More information can be found here:

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September 16th, 2006

06:22 pm

& Chat with and meet other cool band geeks
& Share stories and jokes
& Great fun!

bandg33ks bandg33ks bandg33ks

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June 29th, 2006

11:04 pm
HHS Band 2006 Senior PhotoCollapse )

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June 10th, 2006

07:19 pm
Found on drillmasters.com:

LIFETIME (New Pair Replacement) GUARANTEE*

(Beware! Lesser shoes tend to come un-glued.) Drillmasters don't break. They'll never split, peel or come apart. (If one EVER does, you get a brand new pair in exchange.)

In fact, every pair is LIFETIME GUARANTEED.

For band directors, students and parents, that's a peace of mind. Only from Drillmasters!!

Hahahaaa... of course, at the bottom:

* - Guarantee applies to manufacturing defects only

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June 8th, 2006

03:57 pm
Those of you in marching band next year, I have a decent recording of Overture to Candide if you're interested.

Overture to Candide
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Current Music: Overture To Candide

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May 30th, 2006

10:20 pm
Anybody know where I could get a garment bag for my Wind Ensemble formals?
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May 24th, 2006

08:11 pm - KITTENS!
Hey...we found four ADORABLE black kittens in a storm drain near my house, they're no more than 5 or 6 weeks old. They're completely black with big green eyes, can fit in the palm of your hand and are very fluffy and friendly. If you or anyone you know can give one or a few of these kittens a good home, let me know! ^_^

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February 23rd, 2006

09:42 pm - Prism Concert
So... what is everyone planning to do for the Prism Concert?

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February 15th, 2006

09:53 pm
Hey guys...

It seems there is some confusion about the Laser Tag/Ice Skating night tomorrow at BSA...

The Laser tag starts at 7pm, ice skating is optional and will be after the laser tag (you pay for the ice skating there seperately if you want to go)..

There is no organized trasportation to BSA, so you need to provide your own ride. I'm sure it is very possible to get rides from people going, so don't be afraid to ask anyone..

Hope to see you there :)

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February 12th, 2006

07:20 pm - FAMOUS DAVE'S!

Dear Members of the HHS Band:

Yes, we DO have a SNOW DAY  tomorrow, but


FAMOUS DAVE'S NIGHT is still on!

4:30 until 8. Make sure you're there and pick up a ticket from any band council member! 


Enjoy your day off tomorrow!


P.S.Members of the Wind Ensemble.. keep in mind Mr. Yurko comes Wednesday (regardless of the snow)  Please dont make Jules angry by not practicing tomorrow.. we don't want to cause a scene tuesday at school!




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